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potential problems are complexities with the ideas you have, or come up with new ideas. >> on the exterior, there are many talented painters in the city that not only paint -- the have a good eye. >> there are designers who are also stagers. it is not limited to the interior. it is the whole house. there are also landscape architects if you are thinking of the outside. there are stagers and designers that can do that. >> most of those professional people, architects and engineers, will sell their services by the hour. you do not have to buy the whole program. you do not have to hire them to do the whole building. you can say, "i would like to consult with you for an hour or two hours. that makes it very reasonable. you get a lot out of it when someone really knows what
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they're looking at. >> as long as you say up front -- some people will say that they might sell it. we are happy to go to people so we might be known. an hour of our time would be well spent in getting to know you and your house. we will give you advice for who to call. we have a good database of people. we are always asked to give it out. >> they have tremendous experience in doing what you're talking about. i do think that is an important resource to call. >> let us talk about what the assessor reporter does when you do improvements to your building. if you look at page 36 on the handout, we have some information from the assessor reporter's office, things that are a sensible and things that
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are not accessible -- things that are assessable and that are not asssessable. there will be addressed for tax purposes. for every edition or every major permit, most permits we send to the assessor reporter's office. they have a staff who looks at building permits. they do not use the value that is on the building permit. that is our the dow elation purposes for charging fees. they have a whole mechanism for praising and assessing valuation. a horizontal addition and a vertical addition certainly will result in additional assessment. by the way,? are interesting because the rules change. if you are on the ground and it is a patio, it has different rules.
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if you lay a flagstone patio, you're not getting a permit for a deck. but if you build -- let us say you build a deck that is less than 30 inches off the ground. no permit is required. it does not go to the assessor reporter's office. between 30 and 36 inches off the ground, you need a permit. you can expand the entire size of your rear yard. if you are more than 36 inches off the ground, you have to meet the planning department open space requirements and encroachment requirements. there is a whole range. another thing would be converting an unfinished basement or adding living area, which is happening very often. people are taking the back of their grosz and turning it into their room, or an attic. that is happening in lot. you have to be assessed for
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that. i think that is a very green thing to do because you do not have to add building. do you have anything to say about general improvement? >> it is a big additional we are talking about attic space. when you are retrofitting for earthquakes two stories up in an edwardian, the expense involved, i think, would be hard to justify in most neighborhoods. >> it is hard to get enough windows with dormers, etc. >> how about converting the attic into storage? >> you said you recently did that, alice. >> that is fairly simple. i would get a permit. and you are allowed a certain amount of space. you have to have ventilation. i do not remember all the rules.
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>> will the property tax increase? >> i do not think so. >> to convert an existing empty attic into a storage attic? that does not sound like you are converting it into the living area. the a sensible addition would be converting it into a living area. >> it is usually by a letter that pulls down. a staircase would have to be deliverable area with a valid staircase. >> thank you. >> adding a bathroom, adding a ron shipp is a sensible. we see a lot of people putting elevators as our population, including us, ages. >> or houses are getting more vertical. >> that is right. no permit is required for a tool
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shed that is less than 100 square feet of area looking down, bird's eye view. less than 100 square feet, no permit is required. without a permit, there is no trigger for an assessment. >> you could go up two stories? >> no, actually. the planning department has a height limit of i think 10 feet in the required the rear yard area. eight or 10 feet. [laughter] keep your hot tub in your toolshed. >> in this market, if you bought your house recently and you are thinking about doing one of these that you think is going to make your assessment go up, you can always apply and have your assessed value go down. >> we have some information here about that. we will get to that in a second.
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having a swimming pool or a sauna will change the assessed value of your property. i would get approval. it is the least improvement value that gets passed on. >> it is so extraordinarily expensive. >> increasing the square footage of your home and to assess the value. demolition of an existing structure in order to construct a new building -- i am not sure how that plays out. do they reassess it when you demolish it? i do not know, but it is on their list. new additions that are non- assessible. if you put new solar energy systems until january 1, 2010, like solar hot water heating, that does not trigger additional
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taxes. bathroom renovations, which include structural changes or plumbing changes, kitchen structural changes and upgrades of the system, taking the entire house or a portion of the house down to the studs, or a change in use from one to another -- residential to commercial or whatever -- they will consider the new assessed bellevue. repair, replacement of fixtures with similar quality is not assessible. plumbing to copper is not. replacement of circuit breakers. dry rot or termite repair is a non-assessible maintenance.
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replacing windows, doors, roofing, and ventilating and air-conditioning repairs. >> i could have a kitchen remodel. a home owner may get their permits and have their permits signed off and eventually the department of building inspection notifies the assessor's office that the homeowner did a kitchen remodel and they have a formula. the up their property tax a little bit. the home owner, depending on the type of remote -- i do not know where in the process i just described it is described clearly to the tax assessor the similar quality material issue brought up. for example, if somebody took out a kitchen from the 1950's, which might be pretty good materials, and your place something with cabinets you bought today off the rack somewhere, it is it a similar
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quality? should the kitchen remodel be reassessed? you might get that tax bill, but if i were you would consider what that meant. i do not know. >> next year we should have the tax assessor reporter's office here to answer those questions. >> that is a tricky thing. i read the fine print and it says similar quality materials, so i do not know exactly what that means. >> along the same lines, the next section are repair and maintenance base say are assessible, but under state law you can file a claim exempting this. >> i did not know this. >> these are possible exemptions. i had not heard this either. disability improvements -- they will assess it unless you file.
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disability improvements, seismic retrofitting of an existing building has an assessment exclusion. fire escapes and so on. this is very interesting. i think we do need to get someone from the assessor's office one of these days. >> it is unfortunate you are going to be assessed or punished for putting in new york electrical and plumbing in some instances. >> i think replacing it you are not, but if you of credit. it is an improvement, and i guess that is how they do it. the next few pages are general information of the assessor recorder's office, including the appeal someone mentioned, the appeals process where you can dispute evaluation assessment. there are other contact numbers,
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so i encourage you to call them and ask questions. anything you would like to add? >> i appreciate being on the panel here and on your program. i think it is important to look at goals carefully. i think that is important to help round out your vision process. >> i am going to keep the green thing in mind. >> thank you for coming. see you next month for "building
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